Irrespective of the fact that the hosting service offered by the different companies seems the same, each provider has a customized platform with its own tweaks and ways to do particular things. That’s why, an info-crammed knowledge base will be remarkably helpful both for people with no experience and for technically advanced individuals who will at some point learn how given operations are completed, but will lose valuable time in the process. The purpose of such a knowledge base is to help make the service quick and simple to use, sparing users loads of time and efforts. The result is more gratified customers, as they can easily find the information they’re seeking, and much less work for the client service team, because usually most of the enquiries and issues that customers have are already enumerated in the knowledge base. On the condition that the articles themselves are competently written and encompass more things, you will be able to find out more not only about your account, but also about the hosting service as a whole.

Extensive Online Documentation in Cloud Hosting

If you have bought your first cloud hosting plan from our company or have migrated your site over to us, you will get accustomed to our platform and our custom Hepsia hosting Control Panel very quickly thanks to the fact that we have prepared an exhaustive knowledge base where you can find all the information that you’ll ever need – both general info about the web hosting service as a whole and more specific info about the different features that you can make use of and the issues that you could run into. The articles are available in two places. The full article archive can be accessed through the Help section of the Control Panel. You can access relevant articles about the different functions in each section of the Control Panel as well. You can become aware of how to do de facto everything, from enabling an .htaccess config file to administering an electronic mailing list, and all the articles offer elaborate instructions, so you won’t ever become disorientated because of an ambiguous text. Surely, in case you stumble upon a more specific obstacle and you are unable to find anything about it in our knowledge base, you can contact our tech support staff members 24/7/365.

Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our Linux semi-dedicated packages include exhaustive online documentation where you will find info on all the functions that our custom-built Hepsia Control Panel offers, along with solutions to various questions and difficulties that you could bump into. All configuration manuals feature comprehensive instructions, which means that you won’t have to worry about skipping something if you need to export a MySQL database, for instance. The troubleshooting articles include different tenable reasons for specific issues and the solution for each and every one of them, so in case you are not able to send email messages even though you have the correct SMTP server settings, for example, you can quickly find out what the reason might be and fix the issue with a couple of clicks of the mouse in your mail client. As Hepsia has quite a lot of features, you will be able to find applicable articles in every section. If you want to check out all help articles, click on the Help link, which is located in the top right corner of the window.